A W&L education is for life, 我们要感谢我们忠实的支持者,他们确保了我们今天和子孙后代的成功.


W&L delivers excellence year after year, fostering dynamic, 创新和光荣的领导人,他们在全球社会上留下了自己的印记.

超过9个,000名校友, parents and friends supported the university in 2022-23, bringing their energy, passion and tenacity to help accomplish W&我的使命. 慷慨是强大的,你所要做的就是走进校园,见证它的影响. Success is all around, inside and outside, 它的深远影响超越了砖瓦,通过世界一流的教育和机会改变了人们的生活&L experience.

The nature of philanthropy is personal, as are its rewards. 去年,年度基金引入了直接捐赠,以帮助更多的捐赠者实现他们的慈善目标. Gifts directed to financial aid, 学者, 艺术, 体育运动, diversity and inclusion, 学生的机会和那些不受限制地支持最需要的领域,使我们能够提供无与伦比的教育和经历, year after year.

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下面的校友和朋友向全国最大快三平台网和李赠送了一份礼物, and we honor them in return.


Your Support Matters
你的捐赠的影响不仅仅是你提供有形的资源来帮助执行W&我的使命. Your support offers inspiration to the campus community in many ways.